Imágenes vintage imprimibles para vuestras manualidades de scrapbooking o decoupage

Printable vintage images in high resolution to your crafts

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Printable vintage images to your scrapbooking and decoupage crafts!


I'm starting my third blog in February 2012. Here I will collect my digital vintage collages and I hope that in this way it will be easier for you to find them to use them in your crafts.
Of course, you can use them as backgrounds, wallpapers or any other decoration to your computers or websites.

You can use them in any way but not in comercial purposes, please.

Hope you like this new site and it be useful for you :-) You have a translator on the right, in the sidebar if you need it.

imágenes vintage

 If when you click on the images a black background appears, click again on the right button of the mouse and then on "see image". These images have a big size, it can take some seconds to download, please, be patient :-)

imágenes vintage rosa

Much of the images that I use in the realization of my collages come from the Internet. 
If you think that there is any reason to remove some image from this blog, please, write to me and I will delete it. Thanks.

My email:


I can speak a bit in English too if you need to communicate with me in this language.

flores vintage
 Thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit my blog. 

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